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Q: Do you support Providers/Piracy?

A: NO! I do NOT support Piracy of any kind. Do NOT mention Providers or anything illegal in your support tickets. I provide free EPG for LEGAL use only!

Q: Do you support player apps issues?

A: NO! I only support the free EPG. Do NOT ask questions related to player apps.

Q: Why do some IDs not have data some days?

A: TV guides are not perfect, and neither am I. Wait a day before reporting an issue.

Q: Why can't I download the EPG files?

A: (Try http:// instead of https://) We might be blocking your VPN, Proxy or Country. Try another VPN, Proxy, or no VPN/Proxy.

Q: Will you add different timezone channel data(East/West/Etc.)?

A: No. Please stop asking for this. Your request will be locked and pinned. Set a timezone offset on your app/system to adjust.